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I am focused on improving the customer experience through research, strategy and discussions. After determining optimum approach, I use regular feedback to guide me in ongoing implementation.   True customer success is measured based on loyalty (i.e. retention), meaningful engagements and referrals by focusing on the cradle to grave experience – e.g. from first contact to on-boarding and from on-going service delivery to upselling or exit. Sometimes companies leave you.  If it is caused by the product or service, the feedback loop and trust you build in beginning will keep it to a minimum and ensure you can manage the risk.

I don’t just talk theory and strategy, I have achieved 95% retention and 100% revenue growth through implementing account management/customer success for start-ups.    In talking with clients by phone or in QBRs, I love to understand how they can improve their business and show a ROI.    We often talk about technology and management trends and ensure they see value.   In order to continue offering value to clients, I like to stay up to speed on technology and use blogs to learn and educate.

My most recent work with with Empower IT Solutions (EITS) is an example. EITS is a start-up company offering boutique IT services such as business automation consulting and managed services. They developed job management, rostering and client management solutions for health, construction and insurance clients which included mobile interface to exponentially increase productivity. I achieved client retention of 95% with regular feedback, business reviews and follow-ups after on-boarding.

Many of the articles on this blog have been published including:

    1.  The Structure of the new IT Frontier: Cloud Computing – Part I:
    2. The Structure of the new IT Frontier: Market Oriented Computing – Part II 

Improving value for businesses and exploring new technology is purpose of this blog.        The Zebra represents a metaphor of a wild creature from the frontier, thus representative of the familiar but wild landscape of IT, including the latest iteration of artificial intelligence.

Dexter Duncan (Texdexter) provides consulting services to IT industry and has worked with start-ups for more than ten years.   Dexter’s international career has taken him to Texas,  Silicon Valley, Singapore and Sydney in global, regional and local roles.  Past experience includes managing small and large teams in Marketing,  Product Management and Sales Engineering at Nortel Networks including product marketing responsibility for over $100 million USD in sales.  With more than 20 years in IT including many management roles in Asia Pacific & Australia, Dexter has marketing, business development and product management experience.     One of his hobbies/past experiences is to produce films that educate our next generation on good behavior towards others and our surroundings, so you may occasionally see a blog post on ethics.    Dexter was born in Texas, often wears his Texas boots and has Bachelor of Science degree (Electrical Engineering) from Texas A & M University.

For more information, see my LinkedIn profile.

Some of my clients and/or contributors whose work appears on my site:

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya is Founder and CEO of Manjrasoft Pty Ltd and is also Director of CLOUDs Laboratory at University of Melbourne.   

Chaker Khabbaz is MD and one of the founders of Empower IT Solutions and Empower CS Solutions.   The Empower group have provided web-based software and IT services to more than 100 companies in Australia.     Their consulting practice includes managed service and software solutions based on Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and custom solution using .NET frameworks.

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